More diving controversy coming out of the EPL this week. We had an exhilarating game between Liverpool and Tottenham. Well to be fair, it was only exhilarating the last 10 minutes or so. Regardless, the end was fun if you’re a footy fan, and even if you aren’t (but you should be.)

Mo Salah continues to act as the best scorer in the Premier League. He is absolutely dazzling on the eyes. His pace and creativity were on display in this clash.


Unreal stuff. Anyway, that’s enough talk about the good from Liverpool. Lets talk about the fun stuff. The dive and kick that were missed, but not missed, could have been missed but were rewarded penalties.

First off, the Harry Kane penalty. Harry Kane was awarded a penalty after being touched(?) by Liverpool goal keeper Loris Karius. Was he on side? Did Loveren play the ball? What did VAR (Virtual Assistant referee) say? What did the 4th official say? Should you go to the 4th official if you’re the head ref? All great questions. Apparently Jon Moss (Head Referee) had no answers. He awarded the penalty after conferencing with the 4th official, which is frowned upon. Kane missed his opportunity for his 100th goal and play went on.

Dive Kane

Now let’s get to the other issue. The Kick.


Virgil Van Dijk kicked Erik Lamela. No issues from me. In real-time, was it difficult to tell? Yes. Was it the right call? Yes. Would I have made the call? Yes because Liverpool. (Glory, Glory!) With the kick, in the extra time (90 +5) another Tottenham penalty was awarded. This time Harry Kane got his 100th Premier League goal and saw this game end in a 2-2- draw.

A real fun game at the end. Controversy, goals, brilliant goals even. Love me some EPL. Bring on more controversy!!


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