Two of the things I love the most made some important announcements the past couple of days. I could not be happier.

First off, this weekend. Feyenoord out of the Eredivisie in the Netherlands announced my favorite footballer in the world was returning to his boyhood club! This made my weekend even better than it already was. As you all know, I had been on a podcast for this past weekend and crushed it, but I don’t want to brag. This isn’t about me. This is about Robin Van Persie.

Manchester United v Hull City - Premier League

The 34 yr old is back in his old stomping grounds and he is going to crush it. There is nothing I love better than a storybook ending. Robin grows up and develops into a world class player at Feyenoord, goes to one of the biggest leagues and to a kind of big club at the time in Arsenal, then goes to the biggest club in the world Manchester United (Arsenal were unable to re-sign him, more on that later). What does he do at Man Utd, just wins his second consecutive Golden Boot and wins the Premier League title. No big deal. Injuries derailed the next couple of years, and Robin went to Turkey to play for Fenerbahçe. He had a great first season , but injuries again snuck up on him, which led to a buyout earlier in January of this year. He signed a free transfer with Feyenoord and has already begun training with the club.  I love this. Going back to where you made your debut to help out the younger players. Robin is a class act and I am happy for him. Now I just have to find out how to watch Feyenoord games.

Then, as if the gods were shining down on me, Manchester announced on Monday, Alexis Sanchez (another Arsenal player leaving with out a contract) is joining my favorite club. Oh man, to be me. I haven’t stopped smiling. It is very ironic how similar the RVP and Alexis situation is. Thanks Arsenal. Hopefully this will turn out just like when RVP signed, with a Premier League Title is his first season (Please let it be known, I am not counting signing half way through this season as his first season. Next season will be his first. This season is a warm up)

Also, this twitter video gives me chills every time. Its one of the best welcoming videos I’ve ever seen. What a time to be alive. Glory glory Man United, indeed.