USA Today-   Captain American is heading south for his latest comeback. Landon Donovan, widely considered the most accomplished player in American soccer history, is coming out of retirement for the second time in three years, this time to join Club Leon in Mexico.

The Liga MX team announced Donovan’s return to soccer on Twitter on Friday night. Donovan will play for Leon in the Mexican Clausura tournament, although more details on his signing were not provided.

Landon Donovan


We ok? Everybody good? Lets all take a deep breath. It’ll be ok America. Yes, arguably the greatest American soccer player has “turned” his back on us, or well MLS actually. Does it matter though? He is 35. Do we want the MLS to continue to be the retirement home? Does Landon still have anything left?  I hope he does. Landon is good for soccer. He is good for American soccer. However, alot of people are upset. Well spin zone, I think Landon is doing this to take the heat off of the next great one. Mr Pulisic.

I can’t speak/read Spanish but I think it says he is playing for Liga MX, Club Leon. Regardless, think about it. Whose been getting all the attention lately? Pulisic. Whose the new savior of America soccer? Pulisic. He’s doing this for Christian. He is being a team player. If he was going back to the MLS this wouldn’t be a big story. “What would get all the pressure off Christian?”  Landon probably wondered out loud to someone. “GO TO MEXICO!?!?!” “Lets hang out with Jonathan Gonzalez!” Landon was probably pumped to have some people he knows down there. I, for one, am very thankful for Landon doing this for Christian. I want to be the first to say, thank you Landon!