Robin Van Persie.  Funny story

I was never a big soccer guy growing up. It wasn’t until FIFA 13 until I started making soccer my life. I needed a European team to use in the game. I had heard about Manchester United, I knew they were always on Sportscenter. My buddy picked Liverpool. They knew a little more than I did, and let me know that Liverpool Vs Man Utd was like the Red Sox Vs Yankees. I picked Manchester.

I had no clue who anyone was on the team. However, if there was a minute to go in the half, I would score with this guy. Every single time. Every single game. Robin Van Persie. I could not be beat. My buddies hated it.

My love for playing FIFA led me to watching the Premier League. It is on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so it was great hangover tv for a mid 20 year old bachelor. I had no clue about “tables.” I had no clue how there were so many different trophys. No clue about how many different European leagues. No clue what the Championship League was. What was the Europa League? Eventually, I started picking that stuff up.

Then the 2014 World Cup. Robin Van Persie, my favorite player, scored the most amazing goal I had every seen in my short time as a soccer fan.


That was it. That sealed it. I was going to watch soccer and learn everything I could about it.


Thank you Robin Van Persie. You sweet, sweet prince.